Thomas Sayward

Sayward Rebhal is an exceptionally busy vegan; with two children under her care, an active blog to manage, books to write, and a home in Portland to take care of, as well as speaking out on behalf of animals at VegNews. However, she still finds time for animal advocacy through this platform.

Sayward moves for dismissal of the superseding indictment and for a bill of particulars; the government opposes both motions.

Early Life and Education

Thomas earned a BA degree at College of the Holy Cross and attended Yale Law School before working for Senator John C. Danforth before being appointed to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

After serving at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for eight years, President George H.W. Bush nominated him to join the U.S. Court of Appeals.

He argued Good News Club v. Milford Central School, an influential religious freedom case which he himself wrote and argued before the courts. Additionally, his writing in Gonzales v. Raich demonstrated his ability to challenge decades of precedent. Furthermore, his civil rights cases included extensive writing such as District of Columbia v. Heller. He is widely known for his conservative opinions such as these landmark decisions.

Professional Career

FARGO — A North Dakota State University graduate student has been arrested and charged with interstate threating communications. Thomas Sayward is accused of sending threatening texts and voice mail messages to both employees of NDSU as well as their Ombudsperson, along with making numerous comments in response to an anonymous survey about said Ombudsperson.

NDSU Police informed the FBI that Sayward complained about how the ombudsperson wasn’t accommodating or inclusive enough towards students and faculty who weren’t part of the “cult of the woke” – calling her an oppressive dictatorship. He accused her of being intolerant toward everyone.

Sayward’s initial motion for a bill of particulars has now become moot, since the United States has filed an indictment detailing elements of his offense charged. His renewed motion centers around whether or not “select criminal tyrants currently employed at NDSU” can adequately identify individuals involved.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Sayward was arrested by the FBI for making threats against members of NDSU staff and charged with Interstate Threatening Communications after becoming frustrated over an interaction with an Ombudsperson.

Peter Hahn (presiding), Barbara Keys, Amy Greenberg, Kathryn Statler, Thomas Borstelmann, David Engerman and Amanda Demmer were in attendance.

Sayward announced that she had received the five-year report of the Committee on Women in SHAFR and would share it with Council; further discussion will take place at their January 2019 Council meeting. She also made mention of Diplomatic History editor-in-chief David Wood’s departure in September and suggested an evaluation process similar to Passport; Demmer agreed and made a motion thanking them for their service.

Personal Life

This second volume in the trilogy chronicles Sayward and Portius through their 7 children. While there may be time jumps, this account provides an accurate depiction of Ohio’s woods frontier as they move from being suitable only for hunting to becoming fertile land for farming and livestock breeding.

Richter writes this tale with a style befitting of its characters’ rugged pioneer spirit. At key moments in their adventure, Richter can even add in subjective narration, giving the impression that readers are reading her personal journal.

Conrad Richter’s The Awakening Land trilogy chronicles frontier life in southern Ohio between the American Revolution and nineteenth-century. This first book begins with Luckett family traveling deep into its thick forests.

Net Worth

Thomas Sayward has an estimated net worth of $2 Million. He owns a home in Sunrise, Florida and is associated with Erika Sayward, Jennifer Sayward and Ashley Sayward; possible connections include Erika’s daughter Jen and John as well. Thomas was indicted for insider trading and wire fraud by the United States Department of Justice. To receive legal help for any legal needs use CoCounsel: a virtual legal assistant that learns on its own as it works – free today to give it a try – plus get answers from experienced lawyers in under 1 minute!

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