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Jared and Erik Trogdon Own a Barn Full of Gilts

Jared and Erik step proudly into their barn which houses their show pig operation, where a wide variety of gilts from various breeds await sale.

They discuss a pig that has 97 days until its scheduled market hog show appearance and plan to consider both its ADG and expected market weight during their discussion.

Early Life and Education

Jared and Erik grew up on their family farm near Vermillion, Illinois where they mostly raised beef and corn until starting to show and breed show pigs. Jared and Erik attribute their early success in show ring to Lake Land College and its mentors.

Top Cut Genetics specializes in raising top-grade show barrows and gilts as well as boar stud prospects for the Hays County Youth Show as well as competing nationally.

As they look back to the beginnings of their operation, End Game members emphasize the significance of setting goals that they stick with and setting high ones at OYE and Illinois State Fair banner competitions; additionally they have placed many boars into stud annually. Their story stands as an excellent example of what can happen when young NJSA members set ambitious yet achievable goals and strive to attain them.

Achievement and Honors

Junior members of the National Junior Show Association (NJSA) set goals regularly as part of their journey toward Grand Champion status at national events like OYE or Illinois State Fair. Jared and Erik Trogdon of “the Show Barn,” founded during junior high, have come a long way since starting up their operation back then; with End Game dominating both pedigrees and banners from OYE/ISSF respectively since starting their operation; both cousins joke that Micha would not have helped get them here otherwise!

Personal Life

The Rihns are extremely dedicated to their show pigs. They believe that hard work, perseverance, and dedication are the cornerstones of success; setting goals for themselves to strive toward surpassing as well as understanding the importance of keeping healthy animals.

No matter if it’s working for their father or showing show pigs, the family has plenty of responsibilities on their plate. From three-a-day feedings, 4:30 milkings, rinsing cows and walking show pigs – there’s always something going on for this family in this industry!

Thomas Showpigs is an elite show pig operation located in Jacksboro, Texas that houses 100+ sows and multiple boars as well as breeding prospects. Their family’s mission is to raise a high-quality show pig that excels both on stage and through breeding programs.

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