Thomas Watercott

Thomas Watercott is a Libertarian Running For Congress in North Carolina’s 6th District

Thomas Watercott is running for Congress in North Carolina’s 6th district, which includes Guilford and Forsyth counties as well as Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem. As a Libertarian candidate he stands a chance of succeeding.

On Tuesday, Democratic incumbent Kathy Manning defeated both Republican challenger Christian Castelli and Libertarian candidate Thomas Watercott for reelection to the House of Representatives.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Watercott hails from Greensboro, North Carolina and studied art at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. As an artist for over thirty years, Thomas Watercott is widely sought-after for teaching watercolor at workshops and retreats worldwide. A life member of American Society of Portrait Painters, Thomas has displayed numerous pieces.

In the 2020 elections, Democratic 6th District Congresswoman Kathy Manning won reelection with 53.7 percent of the vote (138,104 out of 163,741) while Republican combat veteran Christian Castelli polled 116,00076 for 45% and Libertarian political newcomer Thomas Joseph Watercott secured 2,770 votes – equivalent to 1 percent of his polling division’s votes.

Professional Career

Thomas Watercott is running as a Libertarian candidate in North Carolina’s 6th District for U.S. House of Representatives on November 6, 2022 against Democratic incumbent Kathy Manning and Republican Christian Castelli in the general election.

Watercott has earned endorsement from both the Libertarian Party of North Carolina and Liberty iNC, raising over $30,000. His campaign on Crowdpac has also raised an impressive amount.

District 6’s boundaries have changed with this race and now encompass parts of Guilford County, Rockingham County, Caswell County and Caswell County – previously it consisted of only Guilford and part of Forsyth Counties. As this seat overlaps well with NC-4, where Republicans are strong, this seat could easily return to them but for Castelli’s anti-abortion and anti-gay views it might turn back towards Democrats.

Achievement and Honors

Tom Watercott is not only an accomplished artist but an active politician as well. Currently running in North Carolina’s 6th District Libertarian primary, challenging incumbent Kathy Manning and Republican combat veteran Christian Castelli; championing FAIRtax policies while raising over $38,000 for his campaign; as an advocate of FAIRtax principles has collected more than $38,000 to run against these candidates; winning numerous awards such as Peter Watercott Lifetime of Community Service Achievement award and Dr. John Ungersma Lifetime of Medical Service Achievement award among them; all this in his art career and political activity make him both successful artists and politicians!

Personal Life

Adrian Watercott was born March 25th 1925 in Glendorado Township of Benton County and lived in Granite Ledge for 33 years after marrying Angie Novak. Working throughout his community hauling milk for local farms was just part of what made life enjoyable – especially enjoying spending time with his grandchildren at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church of Rice! Adrian served in the US Navy from 1944-1946.

He is running for North Carolina’s 6th congressional district, covering Guilford, Forsyth, Greensboro and Winston-Salem Counties. In this election he faces Democratic opponent Kathy Manning as well as Republican Christian Castelli.

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