Thomas Yee

Thomas Yee

Thomas Yee assists clients in realizing the commercial value of their intellectual property by offering expert guidance and counseling regarding strategic patent portfolio development, IP transactions and licensing deals, trademark portfolio procurement as well as litigation matters.

He holds a diploma from Western Univ of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific and currently practices at Stanford Hospital & VA Palo Alto Health Care System.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Yee was born in Sing Tong Village, Toishan District of Guangdong Province of China. At six years old, he and his family immigrated to America by ship from Angel Island where they underwent processing before taking a train ride directly to Sacramento where Henry Yee ran an herbist and chiropractor practice.

As a composer, his artistic mission is to transform meaningful human stories into musical works that immerse and move listeners. Through research in music semiotics and ludomusicology he investigates musical meaning-making as an activity inherent to being human.

He has long been an influential civic and dental leader in his community, serving on the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry Foundation Board for over ten years and creating and administering a philanthropic scholarship fund that benefits numerous students annually.

Professional Career

Thomas has over eighteen years of experience working as a makeup artist and hairstylist on movie sets, providing him with invaluable insight into filmmaking’s inner workings as well as building connections with casting directors, producers and talent agents.

He teaches violin and piano. For years he has been providing instruction to students of all ages and skill levels, employing an effective teaching style that balances discipline with fun and engagement while adapting each lesson according to each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Yee is also the founder of Bay Fine Strings in San Bruno, an intimate boutique violin shop which provides quality instruments to the music community. Additionally, he hosts an immensely popular YouTube channel where he shares playing tips, instrument demos, Meet the Maker mini interviews and more!

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Yee’s musical career spans performance, pedagogy, music advocacy and business. He toured for ten seasons with Tango del Cielo; collaborated with guitarist Jose Rodriguez as Duo Revirado; and performed with Santa Rosa Symphony and Monterey Bay Chamber Orchestras.

He also takes an avid interest in intellectual property matters and advises clients on patent portfolio acquisition, intellectual property transactions and trademark issues. In addition to that, he is an accomplished composer whose works address acts of racial injustice throughout history.

Yee has been actively engaged in volunteering over the years and currently sits on the boards of both University of Pacific and Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, serving over 11 years each. Additionally, he runs his own philanthropic foundation which funds an endowed scholarship at both schools.

Personal Life

Thomas Yee first found his love of music through listening to Brahms or Beethoven at a symphony orchestra; while other composers may find theirs at concerts or orchestral performances. Thomas found his passion through beeps and boops of his family’s Super Nintendo. Today, Thomas makes it his artistic mission to transform meaningful human stories into unforgettable musical works that transform people’s lives.

Violinist and entrepreneurial musician, Jieun Clare is equally at home performing, teaching and advocating for music as an entrepreneur musician. Known for touring extensively with Tango del Cielo ensemble and performing with From the Top and San Francisco Symphony ensembles; also collaborating in Yee Duo and Duo Revirado projects with her pianist wife Jieun.

Outside of work, he enjoys running and creating gourmet cuisine for his family. Together with Tori, they reside in Austin, Texas along with Cassie their pet pug. Involved in multiple causes within the Jewish community and supporting numerous causes in Austin.

Net Worth

Many are curious as to the earnings of Thomas Yee as an accomplished sports agent and representing some of the top NFL stars such as Tom Brady. Additionally, Yee & Dubin, his talent agency partner is in partnership with him as well.

He has managed to leverage both his legal expertise and business acumen in order to build an immense empire in the sports industry. His clients have shown their appreciation by awarding him with lucrative contracts.

Yee is also active in philanthropy and social investment. He founded GCT Anchor Fund as an impact investment vehicle for renewable energy projects, while simultaneously being involved with community development and investments that work toward affordable housing while decreasing carbon emissions.

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