timing meme

Send a Timing Meme to Your Employees

Are you tired of sending generic reminders that employees need to submit timesheets or payroll on time, with generic messages? Why not add some humor by including a cool meme in your messages? This will make the message much more funnier and appealing.

Longer-term, memes won’t harm anyone’s rankings for more general queries. Here are a few examples.

Net Worth

Net worth gives an accurate snapshot of one’s financial wellbeing and can act as a useful motivator to save, invest and pay down debt. Lenders also use it as an evaluation criteria when considering loan applications from potential borrowers.

At its core, an individual’s net worth can be calculated as the sum of all their assets minus liabilities like mortgages, credit card balances and car loans.

Net worth is determined by many factors, not solely income. People of all income levels can work toward building positive net worths through savings, debt reduction and smart investing decisions. Celebrity rankings have made net worth an obsession; so too have lists of America’s wealthiest people.

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