Tipsy Olives

Tipsy Olives – A Martini Garnish

Tipsy olives are a favorite garnish among cocktail drinkers. Their strong flavor complements the distilled liquor found in martinis and other drinks perfectly, and are firm enough for use as martini picks or skewers without breaking apart and spoiling a drink’s appeal.

These Manzanilla olives have been marinated in vermouth to achieve the ideal flavor profile for martinis or other cocktails and appetizers. Additionally, these versatile olives can also make great snacks!

Early Life and Education

Add these flavorful olives to any martini for an exquisitely delicious twist, immersed in French vermouth for extra garnishing or simply nibble as a tasty snack!

As with most brined foods, these olives don’t need to be refrigerated once opened; they will keep at room temperature until their moisture content reaches equilibrium with that in the jar, or mold begins to grow.

At one time, olives were crushed using a wheel pulled by donkeys that ran along stone channels until reaching troughs where they would then be collected with nets and weighed for payment. Although this has since been replaced by new machines, my father-in-law still remains suspicious that some of his olives may be being diverted for Michelin-star restaurants.

Achievement and Honors

Since 1980, tipsy olives have become the go-to cocktail garnish. Created by garnish royalty Myra Sable, these delectable additions were hand stuffed and soaked in various liquors before being packaged as pre-prepared cocktail garnishes – something never seen before at retail locations across North America! As soon as these innovations first came onto shelves they quickly gained momentum, becoming available at over 3,000 retailers!

Our GIN EVA Signature Citrus Gin and La Mallorquina Olive-Infused Gin have both won World’s Best Gin Awards in their respective categories.

These enormous green olives drenched in French vermouth make for the ideal accompaniment to any martini cocktail, or can even be enjoyed solo as delicious nibbles!

Personal Life

Olives are an indispensable accompaniment to martinis, making them a must-have item for many drinkers. Not only are they decorative, but some varieties even come packed with pickle filling! The very best are filled with this delectable ingredient.

Collins Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives (view at Amazon) provide your cocktail with an extra savory note. Crafted by hand from queen olives that have been filled with creamy blue cheese and marinated in salty brine.

These delicious olives are also healthy. Crafted with ingredients such as pasteurized milk, water, salt, citric acid, lactic acid, guar gum, calcium chloride and potassium sorbate; there’s no high-fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors either! Additionally, these treats are Kosher and gluten-free!

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