Todd Tucker Mom Funeral Pictures

Todd Tucker’s Mom Will Not Attend His Funeral

Todd Tucker lost his mother last week. The production manager and father of RHOA star Kandi Burrus was rushed to the hospital when he discovered that his mother had a stroke. He said that his mom was very close to him and was his best friend. When he arrived at the hospital, she was unconscious. She passed away the following day.

It’s a big loss for Todd, as the relationship between him and his mother had been strained for a while. During an episode of “RHOA” this weekend, Kandi Burruss’ mother argued with her and threatened to hit her. They were both upset at the incident. However, they are hopeful that they can patch up their relationship.

But it seems that the mother of Todd’s bride Kandi will not attend her daughter’s funeral. She plans to send flowers instead. MJ will not be there out of respect. In a recent interview with TMZ, she shared her thoughts on the matter. She says that she is wishing that they could fix things up before her death. She also wants to show her support to her son and the rest of the cast.

The funeral will take place on Saturday. On Monday, Todd Tucker and his friends wore caps with his mother’s name on them. This is a practice that he started with his mother in 2012, when he got engaged to his wife Kandi. His mother passed away on Wednesday. Upon learning of her death, Todd Tucker posted a photo of himself and his mom on Instagram.

Although the relationship between Todd and his mother was strained at first, it began to change as they worked on the show together. Earlier this year, they started producing a stage musical called A Mother’s Love. As a result, the couple became engaged. Now, they live in a mansion in Atlanta, which has seven bedrooms and nine baths. There is also a piano room and an indoor pool. Their home has undergone $200,000 in renovations.

While there is no word from Kandi’s mother on whether she will attend her daughter’s funeral, it’s a nice gesture. If you’re a fan of both Todd and Kandi, you may want to pay her a visit in the near future. That way, you can show her your support. Hopefully, she can get over her rift with her daughter and make a better connection with her son.

Todd Tucker’s mother, Sharon, died on Tuesday. She suffered a stroke and slipped into a coma. Although she was expected to die within a month, she passed away the next day. Her passing hit the entire family hard. Fortunately, there are plenty of friends and co-stars who will be supporting the Tuckers as they grieve.

Todd Tucker’s mother, Sharon, was a big fan of “RHOA”. She was also famous for her altercations with her husband’s mother. Despite the fact that he had a rocky relationship with his mom, Todd still called her his best friend.

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