Toy Olive

Toy Olive – A Portrait of a Child With a Tricuspid Atresia

Olive is known to possess an excellent memory. She recalls moments from her past, such as what she wore for her third birthday party and has an undying passion for kettle corn.

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Early Life and Education

Olive was born with tricuspid atresia, a life-threatening congenital heart defect in which her right upper and lower pumping chambers do not communicate with each other properly. She spent the first 12 days of life at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit.

After several months had passed, an examination revealed that her oxygen levels had become unstable. Following consultation, the team decided to perform her first surgery – known as Glenn shunt – in order to correct the situation and ensure enough blood reached her lungs for oxygen absorption.

Olive loves her miniature green army men – plastic toys which originated as metal and alloy toy soldiers produced during the early 1900s. Olive has attended five assessments for equipment to support her developing quadriplegia and infantile spasms, including successful buggy evaluation and car seat evaluations.

Personal Life

Olive struggled throughout her career to strike a balance between art, family and marriage. Unfortunately, her work was often eclipsed by domestic issues, including her divorce from Max and subsequent move to a farm near Cowra during the mid 1940s where she lived without running water or electricity for many years in either tents or cottages.

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