Treva Dr Phil Update

What’s Treva Martin Up To?

If you were to ask a jack of all trades who’s Treva Martin what she has been up to these days, he would be hard pressed to give you a straight answer. During a recent episode of the show, we stumbled across a former guest who had been in and out of treatment centers for over three decades. Besides her alcoholic drinking days, she has also been in a number of mental institutions, including a prison. In addition to her legal troubles, she’s also been in two drunk driving arrests. Fortunately for her, the state of California has a plethora of sober living facilities and she’s been sent to one since 2007.

While the show has been on hiatus, her daughters have been keeping tabs on their mother’s progress. They’re particularly worried about her latest escapade, which they spotted via a Google search. After a series of questionable developments, she disappeared. One of the more notable aspects of the snoopy episode is the appearance of Treva’s daughter, Taylor. It appears she is a spoiled brat and has no interest in letting her mother’s tools get in the way.

As far as her accomplishments go, a recent court order to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet has been the most notable. She was also placed on house arrest. Although this is not a great situation for a recovering alcoholic, it’s an important step toward her recovery. Hopefully, her future success will be a smooth ride, and her family can look forward to years of happy memories.

The real reason behind the court order is that she was caught on two occasions driving under the influence. In the end, she was sentenced to 45 days in jail and ordered to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet. This isn’t a great situation for a recovering slob, but she is a recovering alcoholic, and the court order is what she needs. Her family has been in an uphill battle and the court order is a small price to pay for their sanity.

In short, a well-timed court order to put her in sober living is the best way to get her on the right track. Hopefully, her family and the show’s staff can continue to do their part in helping the next Treva Martin.

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