unsuccessful ford

Unsuccessful Ford Crossword Answer

Unsuccessful Ford is a crossword puzzle clue we’ve come across twice so far and do not yet have an answer for.

Ford conducted extensive market research, yet their pride blinded them from understanding what consumers really wanted in a mid-sized car. As such, their ego prevented them from understanding consumer desires; the result being the Edsel that cost millions.

Early Life and Education

Ford is well known for producing luxurious vehicles, but even so they had their fair share of failures. Some models were defective while others simply did not sell well – yet Ford always looked upon these mistakes as learning opportunities and continued producing cars that people enjoyed driving.

After high school, Ford worked various jobs to pay for his college studies while also excelling as a standout footballer – even receiving offers to join both Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers; he ultimately chose Yale law school instead of any of these opportunities.

At Yale, Ford mixed with America’s elite; his classmates included Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, Secretary of State Cyrus Vance and Peace Corps Director Sargent Shriver. Ford met Phyllis Brown during this period; their four-year affair eventually led them apart.

Personal Life

Ford was an extremely successful businessman, yet also experienced personal failure. While he supported peace efforts such as sponsoring a peace ship, he owned a newspaper which printed anti-Jewish articles such as an excerpt of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” an account alleging Jews conspiring against Christianity.

As with his personal life, his romantic affairs were also often turbulent. At Yale he enjoyed an unexpected four-year romance with Connecticut College for Women blonde beauty Phyllis Brown; they began living together after moving in together after two years.

Ford eventually managed to recover from his two major failures by joining forces with Malcolmson to form Ford Motor Company, which proved immensely successful and became one of the most renowned firms ever.

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