Valorant New Skins Leak

Riot Games’ Valorant New Skins Leak Revealed

Riot Games has been teasing a new skin bundle for Valorant for some time, but there was no official announcement. Now, a new leak has emerged which contains two new lines of skins for the fps shooter. The leak also includes a codename for the new map, Breeze. The map is set to be released in a few days and the developers have been teasing it for some time.

Riot Games’ Valorant game is filled with hundreds of weapons skins, but they continue to add more. One such collection was the Reaver 2.0 set, which brought back the most popular skins from beta. The Reaver 2.0 set was released in the game’s beta in 2020. In addition, this latest leak includes a new set of skins for the popular character Melee.

The new skin bundle contains four weapon skins and a melee weapon, which will cost you 8,700 Valorant Points. Riot Games has not officially confirmed the price of this new skin bundle, but it is likely to be comparable to the current Ruination bundle. Ruination skins have been controversial as some claim they give players an advantage over other players.

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