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Elizabeth Vargas Launches Vargas Vodka

Elizabeth Vargas launched Vargas Vodka after leaving RHOC after just one season, with part of its proceeds going toward her no-kill animal rescue ranch.

Vargas held an exclusive launch party for her brand at an extravagant $40 million mansion in Corona del Mar, California. In attendance were Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter from RHOC as well as hair legend Paul Mitchell, rapper Too Short, and celeb hypnotherapist Kimberly Friedmutter – who all helped celebrate its debut.

Early Life and Education

Vargas hails from the Midwest and began her career as a news anchor for an ABC affiliate station. Later she went on to host multiple news programs and specials such as 20/20, Good Morning America and World News Tonight.

In September 2016, Vargas published Between Breaths: A Memoir of Panic and Addiction, chronicling her experiences with anxiety and alcohol abuse. To coincide with its publication, she hosted a special episode of 20/20 to mark its launch.

She runs a no-kill animal rescue ranch and recently released Vargas Vodka, which donates part of its sales to her sanctuary. Available on Drizly and at local liquor stores, its label draws upon legends surrounding Queen Califia as the lure that brought Spanish explorers to California; she led them there by telling tales of its golden fields ruled over by soldier griffins emperor.

Professional Career

Vargas began her career as a reporter for both NBC News and ABC News, serving on Dateline and Today as well as co-anchoring 20/20.

She has written a memoir detailing her struggles with anxiety and addiction entitled Between Breaths. Since then she has become an accomplished businesswoman, with the launch of Vargas Vodka being one of her many ventures.

RHOC star Cynthia Barone is making the rounds to promote her vodka brand and you can purchase it either on Drizly or from California-based liquor stores. Her liquor draws inspiration from tales of Spanish explorers drawn to California by Queen Califia whose riches were guarded by soldier griffins.

Achievement and Honors

Vargas Vodka is a premium hand-crafted vodka made with corn and distilled seven times, inspired by tales of Spanish explorers drawn to California due to the legend of Queen Califia as she reigned over its mythic island and protected it with her soldier griffins as guardians of divine. Launched on Drizly and in California liquor stores on December 2020, some proceeds of which support Vargas’ no-kill animal rescue ranch; proceeds also contribute towards charitable events organized by her. She has used social media and other platforms as well as personal appearances and sponsorship of events to promote her new brand as much as possible!

Personal Life

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Vargas Vodka donates a portion of sales to We Care Rescue Ranch. She recently also launched a podcast and is active social media influencer.

Last year on an episode of her hit reality show, she claimed she was molested by multiple men as a child when living in a religious cult. Shannon Beador, Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter expressed concerns with this assertion and began investigating further.

Vargas recently filed for divorce from Bernt Bodal and now lives with two children and five dogs. Additionally, she runs Edge Music Network, an online music company estimated to be worth approximately $30 Million and maintains a close relationship with Jimmy as her boyfriend.

Net Worth

Vargas is an experienced businesswoman and social media influencer as well as actress. She serves as CEO of Edge Music Network and has many interests, such as Vargas Vodka brand. Additionally, she runs We Care Rescue Ranch Foundation.

Vargas lives an extravagant lifestyle and her net worth stands at $30 Million. She resides in a luxurious house with her family, often traveling by private helicopter and boasts an exquisite collection of luxury cars in her garage; in fact she refers to it as being “home of the fast and furious”.

She was previously married to Bernt Bodal before divorcing him in 2017. At present, she is dating Jimmy Juarez and loves dogs; owning five herself!

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