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111 South Wacker Drive, Chicago

111 South Wacker Drive is one of Chicago’s prestigious Class-A office towers and features over 40,000 square feet of luxurious interior amenity spaces. Situated near Adams, Jackson, Franklin and Wacker Drives makes this building perfect for high-profile meetings, events, conferences, product launches and more.

The Wacker Drive project includes wider roadways and bridges, safer merging ramps, pedestrian “islands,” reconfigured traffic signals, as well as better lighting and ventilation in Lower Wacker.

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Professional Career

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Achievement and Honors

Two local leaders stand out among their peers as risk-takers, visionaries and entrepreneurs – Mike Adams of Adams & O’Reilly Inc and Alan Reynolds from WilsonMiller were honored as laureates of the Collier County Business Leadership Hall of Fame in 2006.

O’Reilly is well-known as both an entrepreneur and author, as well as being an enthusiastic volunteer who strives to guide children on their entrepreneurial journeys. He founded Junior Achievement of Naples as well as mentoring students from Park Shore, Naples and San Marco schools.

Chicago’s ongoing plan to transform its downtown into an eco-friendly, walkable and modernized destination continues with the renovation of Wacker Place, featuring wider roadways and bridges, safer merging ramps, pedestrian “islands,” reconfigured traffic signals and other measures designed to make movement around the city simpler for residents. This renovation will include widening roadways and bridges; widening merging ramps; reconfiguring traffic signals and reconfiguring pedestrian “islands”, all designed to improve how people move about.

Personal Life

Adams credits Rebekah Wacker as being an integral part of his personal and professional life, who is both his wife and business partner. Rebekah is a devoted wife and mother of five, currently living with him in New York City.

This couple enjoys an active social life in New York City and enjoy cooking, traveling and having fun together.

Not content to lead a busy lifestyle, the couple also loves making frequent trips back to rural Nebraska, where they were raised. Together they have five children and 10 grandchildren.

As part of the Revive Wacker Drive project, which involves reconstructing both upper and lower Wacker Drive between Lake Street and Eisenhower Expressway interchanges, crews have begun work between Monroe and Adams streets as part of this year’s Revive Wacker Drive reconstruction plan. Construction should last through summer.

Net Worth

Wacker Drive is a two-level street located along Chicago’s waterfront, named for Charles Wacker, a prominent Chicago businessman and city planner. Spanning from Lake Street to Michigan Avenue, it serves as one of the major roadways within Chicago.

Wells Adams is a radio host and DJ who has appeared on various television programs. Since July 2019, Wells is engaged to Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland; their net worth is estimated at $400,000. At 37 years old, this Nashville-born radio DJ made waves within his field by taking his radio station from number 2 in Tennessee to #1 within months. Additionally, Wells has participated in The Bachelor franchise multiple times; thus increasing his net worth exponentially over time. His next appearance should take place sometime during 2020.

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