Welcome To Plathville Forum

Welcome to Plathville Forum

Whether you’re new to “Plathville” or you’ve been around the show for years, this forum is a great way to get involved and find out what’s going on with the characters and the show itself. You can find articles about the cast, Barry and Kim’s love of music, and criticism of the show from Olivia Plath.

Ethan and Olivia’s relationship

During season 3 of Welcome to Plathville, Ethan and Olivia started to have relationship issues. They ended up separating. However, the two of them reuniting in season four is a sign that they’re doing their best to work through the issues they’ve had.

The two are attempting to make their marriage work. They’ve cut off contact with Kim and Barry and are focused on their marriage. However, Ethan and Olivia are still not on great terms with their parents. This is probably one of the biggest problems in their marriage.

One of the biggest questions on the minds of fans is whether or not Ethan and Olivia’s relationship is still working. On the surface, it seems like a happy couple, but their relationship is not what it could have been.

During Welcome to Plathville, Ethan and his parents had a verbal altercation. In fact, Ethan said that he and his mom had a different view on dating.

Kim and Barry Plath’s love of music

During their time on the TLC show Welcome to Plathville, the Plath family is renowned for their love of music. The nine children were taught to play several instruments and even learn how to play the piano. In the show, Kim and Barry Plath run a family band.

The Plath family also promotes themselves as being non-conformist. The family doesn’t watch TV or drink soda. The children have been homeschooled. Their parents have faced many ups and downs in life.

During their time on Welcome to Plathville, the Plath’s also made some pretty big news. In the season finale, Barry and Kim announced their separation. They didn’t always see eye to eye when it came to their adult children.

The family has been criticized by fans for their love of music. While it is true that the Plaths are fans of classical music, they also like to sing. In fact, they’ve even recorded Southern Gospel music.

Kim and Barry Plath’s passion for traditional roles

Throughout the years, Kim and Barry Plath have continued to follow a conservative lifestyle. Unlike many families, they do not allow social media, and their children do not have access to TV or electronic devices.

They also have strict rules for their children. They have banned junk food and sugar, and they restrict electronics. Their kids are homeschooled, and they do not attend public schools. They live in a remote area on a huge farm, and they do not use modern conveniences like TVs, computers, or cell phones.

Despite their strict rules, they have a large family. They have nine flaxen-haired children. They also have a 21-year-old son, Ethan. Ethan’s wife, Olivia, is a destination wedding photographer.

The Plaths live on a large farm in rural Georgia. They have a $55,00 home that is located close to Ethan and Olivia’s house.

Their children don’t know what Spider-Man is or Lebron James is. They have grown up on a farm, and have not had any exposure to modern conveniences.

Olivia Plath’s criticism of the show

During the fourth season of Welcome to Plathville, Olivia Plath’s criticism has reached a new level. Fans of the show have been incensed by her behavior. They say that she’s toxic, and some even want her and Ethan to get a divorce.

Olivia Plath and her mother-in-law, Kim Plath, have been a source of contention for years. They haven’t gotten along. She felt as though Kim was trying to change her, while she felt that she was being used for her own gain.

While it seems that Kim and Barry raised their children in a very conservative way, they also didn’t allow them to watch TV or have access to any kind of alcohol. They instead took the children to different farms to learn about farming. This led Olivia to have a more worldly perspective. She felt that she was introducing the children to ideas that weren’t “biblical,” but she felt that she stepped outside of the boundaries of her family.

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