Welding Jacks

The Importance of Welding Jacks

A welding jack is an invaluable tool that provides stability and support during welding projects, as well as precision in their execution – which ultimately improves quality in finished product production.

One example of a welding stand is the Sumner Fold-A-Jack Welding Stand, featuring a patented fall guard for added safety and convenience. Furthermore, its compact design enables easy transport and storage.

Early Life and Education

John King started JK Welding out of his passion for art and welding, as well as a desire to earn extra income for his family to enjoy exploring nature. Since then, it has grown into an expansive custom shop that creates everything from exquisite works of art to industrial equipment.

This program introduces students to welding and metal fabrication basics. Participants learn oxy-fuel cutting, Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), as well as fabrication skills like cutting.

Although highly competitive, employment prospects for welders, cutters, solderers and brazers should improve due to growth in manufacturing sector. Aging infrastructure also creates employment opportunities as welders are required to rebuild bridges and roads creating even greater employment prospects for welders; wages vary based on industry sector location skill levels.

Professional Career

Welding is not a static field; professionals must continue learning new techniques to stay ahead of competition. That is why it is crucial that welding shops provide ongoing education programs for their staff members.

Rig welders work under difficult conditions on offshore oil rigs, where mistakes could prove disastrous. For this task to succeed successfully, years of experience are required along with multiple welding certifications to succeed successfully. They must also possess skills necessary for operating equipment like shears, drill presses, chop saws and iron workers.

Jack brings over three decades of welding experience across shipbuilding, nuclear power plant operations, sheet metal fabrication, material handling and contract manufacturing industries. He holds a Bachelor degree in Welding Engineering as well as being certified both an Engineer and Inspector. Furthermore, Jack founded Barckhoff Welding Management Corporation dedicated to helping welders improve their welding operations.

Achievement and Honors

Lincoln-Way East SkillsUSA students participated in Atlanta, Georgia during this summer, earning high honors and valuable experience for entering the workforce. Instructor Christopher Storer refers to Navajo Technical University as being the “best-kept secret of the Southwest”, attributing its success due to a network of support that included sponsors as well as industry professionals.

Dave Micha and Seth Keiser will showcase their impressive welding and assembly skills at the Toyota Material Handling Group (TMHG) Skills Competition in January 2022, having both won top awards from Raymond competitions. Both will represent Raymond in this international event before returning back to their respective jobs at Raymond in Greene, New York and Muscatine, Iowa respectively.

Personal Life

The welding jack stand is an efficient and sturdy piece of equipment that can tackle most pipe-fitting jobs with ease. Its convenient height adjustment feature enables easy customization while its folding mechanism makes storage effortless. Furthermore, this tool boasts a high load capacity making it an excellent option for professionals working with heavy materials.

King is known for his expansive business operations. Starting as a small garage operation in 1974, it has since expanded into a 35,000-square-foot facility featuring a dedicated stainless and aluminum work area of 4,000 square feet. Robots complete welding tasks for him thereby protecting more human workers from potentially hazardous jobs.

As a welder, you must be comfortable working for extended periods and lifting heavy weights. In addition, physical fitness and hand-eye coordination must also be strong points in your arsenal.

Net Worth

King is surprisingly humble despite his immense stature. Although he has built JK Welding into a massive, high-profile operation – including undertaking jobs that other welding firms either won’t or couldn’t take on such as making essential repairs to the more than 100 year-old battleship Texas in LaPorte Texas- he attributes his success to having the confidence necessary to undertake difficult projects without hesitation.

Maxi Flex’s Pipe Jack Stand with Rollers is the ideal fabrication stand for pipes weighing up to 2,000 kg, as its large 300mm head and heavy-duty rollers provide maximum safety margin against pipe bending during assembly and welding processes. Handling costs can be reduced dramatically.

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