Wesley Lucas

Wesley Lucas is an estimated net worth between $1 and $3 Million and currently resides on Allen Ave in Portland, Maine with Tommie Lucas, Julie Yeazell and Harold Lucas as his closest associates.

Since graduating high school, she has worked in tourism. Beginning her career at Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB), Texas. Later joining Frisco Convention & Visitors Bureau as Communications Manager.

Early Life and Education

Lucas developed an early interest in geology and natural sciences as a child, collecting seaweeds and flowers. While growing up in Orlando, Florida and attending Jones High School; later attending State University of New York at Purchase and Southwestern College Los Angeles for further studies; Lucas made several student films acclaimed for their innovative themes – Electronic Labyrinth THX 1138 was his groundbreaking masterpiece and won first prize at National Student Film Festival 1965! Produced through Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope studio featuring Robert Duvall and Maggie McOmie roles!

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Professional Career

Wesley Lucas began her destination marketing career at an early age, interning with Abilene and Lubbock convention and visitors bureaus. After graduating from Texas Tech University with a degree in public relations, Lucas went on to work for both Grapevine and Frisco convention and visitors bureaus before eventually taking her current position of communications manager for Visit Frisco over six years ago.

She serves on the boards of both SIRVA and Pepperdine University and serves as Vice President responsible for Asia at Gryphon Investors, possessing years of business experience and being known for her strong leadership abilities. A passionate traveler, she enjoys spending time with family as well as owning her own small farm in Pampa where she raises livestock as well as cultivates vegetables and herbs.

Achievement and Honors

Wesley Lucas has received numerous honors during his career. These include induction into the Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement, being chosen North Platte Jaycees Boss of the Year, and receiving an award from Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben for service to the cattle industry. Furthermore, Wesley serves on numerous boards and committees.

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Personal Life

Wesley Lucas is an active member of the Black Mountain ATV Club and takes great pleasure in all things mechanical – tractors, excavators, lawn mowers, four wheelers and trucks are among his favorites – in particular his favorite author Dan Brown! Additionally he works at the Madlyn and Paul Hilliard Research Library at the National WWII Museum providing research services to staff as well as visitors.

Gryphon Investors recently appointed him an Operations Partner within their Industrial Growth team. Since 2008 he has also served on the boards of SIRVA and Pepperdine University; was Chairman of Sun Chemical from 2005 – 2007; co-Chairman of Kodak Polychrome; served on OpenWebs Media Company Board; estimated annual earnings are $1 Million to $3 Million per annum.

Net Worth

Wesley Lucas has been making waves in the entertainment industry for more than 10 years and is an artist with multiple talents. He has defied expectations and accepted new challenges throughout his career, demonstrating versatility and an aptitude for artistic exploration.

He traveled the globe for five years, exploring over fifty countries and immersing himself into amazing new cultures – always keeping true to his passion for creating and performing.

Wesley is also an entrepreneur, owning his own film production company and starting the Royal Guard of Amen-Ra, a security firm offering top-tier protection to VIPs with bodyguards trained in martial arts and law enforcement. In addition, Wesley serves on the boards for SIRVA and Pepperdine University and was previously Chairman at Sun Chemical and co-Chairman at Kodak Polychrome.

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