What Happened To Liz And Jason On Ready To Love

What Happened to Liz and Jason on Ready to Love?

If you’ve watched Ready to Love, you’ve probably wondered what happened to Liz and Jason. They were one of the most popular couples on the show, and have had an interesting journey together. This year they were confirmed for a new reality show, titled Battle of the Couples. It’s scheduled to air on OWN, a network owned by Oprah Winfrey.

The series features successful black men and women in their mid-30s who are balancing work and life. They share a close bond. While they may have made their own mistakes, they’re willing to put them behind them. They also have their share of fun.

While they’re no longer together, Liz and Jason are still social media friends. They share pictures from time to time. In fact, they’re still in the same city. They haven’t met in person for a while.

When Jason and Liz first reunited, they had their own little romance. Liz was a bit jealous, but they ended up becoming the perfect pair. They shared a lot of laughs, and Liz became the perfect mom for his son. She also helped him reunite with his family. However, she was a bit apprehensive about going on their second date.

After getting over her initial jealousy, they grew closer. They started taking pictures together, and sharing them on social media. This is a sign of the growing chemistry between the two.

The show also showed how their relationship grew stronger. They were even invited to be on a show with the Oprahs. They were asked to co-parent their son. The Oprahs adored them.

There were a few surprises. For instance, the “Battle of the Couples” will feature team building and competitions. They will be paired with other successful couples and compete in various events. They’ll also play a rousing game of scavenger hunts, in order to find out who is the ultimate match.

The best part of the series was how the characters found their way back to each other. In particular, Liz and Jason did a great job of being forgiving. They both agreed to co-parent their son. The episode showed how much the two of them cared for each other.

In addition to that, the ‘Battle of the Couples’ proved to be a huge success. They were able to reconnect with each other and find out a lot about each other. They bonded over their love for each other. They even got engaged after the show.

There were a few surprises in the last season. In particular, Liz and Jason were forced to make a decision that would change their lives. In the end, the biggest sacrifice they had to make was to give up a happily ever after with Max.

But thankfully, their love is still intact. The two have decided to make it official by filming a reality series. They are expected to premiere in August of 2021. In the meantime, they’re posting photos on social media to keep their fans updated on their latest adventures.

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