Which Statement Best Describes Mary Shelley As A Child

Which Statement Best Defines Mary Shelley As a Child?

Mary Shelley, despite her unconventional birth order, was not a child of privilege. Her mother and father were political radicals, and she spent her early years in the company of philosophers and literary figures such as Percy Florence Shelley and William Godwin. Although she didn’t have much social standing, her father and mother were supportive of her artistic endeavors and gave her a good education. Eventually, Mary would meet her future husband, fellow political radical William Godwin, and give birth to Frankenstein.

Which statement best describes Mary Shelley’s childhood? During her early years, she was surrounded by nature and loved animals. Her mother and father had a garden, and Mary had many animals. Her father was also a writer and had a strong love of nature. Her early writing began in childhood. Her father encouraged her to write. She hoped to become a famous writer.

Frankenstein was inspired by her waking dreams. She lived in a house with her father in London for a year and a half, and later spent half a year in Scotland. William Godwin wanted to end the friction with his second wife so he sent Mary to Scotland.

Frankenstein’s creation shares many traits with the daughter’s mother. Both are born with a sense of being less than human, and both have similar experiences in childhood. Both have a strong sense of guilt and a sense of not belonging. Mary Shelley’s daughter grew-up expecting her parents to give him the privileges of being a son. She feels deprived when her father doesn’t.

Percy Shelley was a married man to Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin when Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin was conceived. However, they maintained a secret relationship. They went on daily walks and a daily visit to Wollstonecraft’s grave. They declared their love on 26 June 1814. Percy Shelley later described her love as a child of light, love, and described her in his dedicatory verse of The Revolt of Islam (1817). Percy Godwin forbade Percy Shelley to visit the grave of his mother.

Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein when she was just 19. She was influenced by her experiences as a child, which began with the Mount Tambora volcanic eruption in 1815, which killed more than a hundred thousand people in the immediate aftermath. The Mount Tambora eruption is widely considered one of the deadliest volcanic eruptions in history.

Falkner is Mary Shelley’s most important work. It captures many of Shelley’s concerns and makes use of her greatest strengths as an author. It explores the conflict between love and domestic duty, the concept of fate, and the Gothic terror of the unknown.

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