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The YAK Range of Air/Hydraulic Vehicle Jacks

The YAK range of air / hydraulic vehicle jacks is comprised of high quality European models designed to quickly and safely lift cars, trucks and special vehicles in either workshop or mobile environments.

The YAK 92008 air hydraulic jack is an efficient air hydraulic system with pistons that retract automatically – perfect for tractor, agricultural and public works vehicles.

Early Life and Education

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Achievement and Honors

The Yak range of vehicle jacks are premium European air/hydraulic systems designed to rapidly and safely raise vehicles quickly in any workshop or mobile setting. Their air/hydraulic design provides quick lifting capability with capacities up to 66 tons for lifting cars, buses, trucks, or any special application vehicle quickly and reliably – meeting European safety and quality standards such as Machine Directive 93/44/EEC, EN1494, or 98/37/EEC compliance.

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ESCO YAK Vehicle Jacks are premium European made air/hydraulic jacks designed to quickly and safely lift cars, trucks and special vehicles in both workshop or mobile environments. Constructed using only top quality components in Italy, each unit boasts a venturi valve which draws air back out when lowering so that cylinder never runs empty; additionally they feature brass air motors which last much longer than aluminum or steel alternatives while running more smoothly as time progresses.

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Net Worth

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