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The Legendary Lev Yashin Jersey

When reporters ask which goalkeeper has been the greatest of all time, Lev Yashin usually comes up as the answer. That’s because this Soviet legend pioneered modern play by charging out from his penalty area and fighting off dangerous corners and crosses with fistfights.

The New York Islanders often face criticism for the Yashin contract they offered him, yet this may not be considered one of the worst deals ever given out in NHL history.

Early Life and Education

Young Yashin immersed himself in both football and ice hockey at an elite level, but goalkeeping was his true calling card. Although he became legendary and iconic across both sports, his later life would be marked by stomach ailments he blamed on poor diet and factory work.

He would spend sleepless nights worrying over deflections that got past his gloves or missed chances to save powerful shots – tears would often flow. Valentina remembers his tear-filled nights.

In 1986 he suffered a blood clot which required the amputation of one leg; two years later in 1990 he succumbed to stomach cancer and is buried at Moscow’s Novodevichy Cemetery. He leaves three children behind: Irina works for Aeroflot while Elena and Vasily play professional ice hockey for various teams in Russia.

Professional Career

Yashin spent 7 seasons as a superstar with the Ottawa Senators before going on to play for New York Islanders later on. A fan favorite and legend in his own right, Yashin signed this vintage Ottawa Senators jersey that features both an Ultrafil tag in the collar and CCM size tag as well as an NHL shield embroidered in its back – it truly represents his lengthy professional career!

Achievement and Honors

Yashin’s crowning achievement came in the form of his Olympic gold medal win from 1956, an amazing honor he proudly showed off over time alongside Valentina.

Yashin achieved greatness when he was honored as European Footballer of the Year in 1962 – this award being one of his many notable accomplishments as one of Europe’s premier goalkeepers during that period.

After his breakthrough performance, Yashin went on to earn numerous other honors and awards. He even became part of the Soviet Union national team; however, after they lost to Chile at World Championships and Yashin was blamed for it, he decided to switch sports entirely and start playing hockey instead.

Personal Life

Lev Yashin was one of the great goalkeepers of 20th century sport – an unparalleled goalkeeper who excelled in both football and hockey. He participated in four World Cups, helped his country claim two major championships and saved an astounding record 150 penalties during his career.

He represented Russia on both its Olympic teams in 1998 and 2002, winning two medals each time. Ottawa Senators selected him with the second overall pick in 1992 NHL Entry Draft but instead chose Dynamo Moscow.

Valentina speaks about her son with both pride and sadness, confident that his legacy will live on in his grandson, also a goalkeeper himself. Passing by their winter-proof Moscow apartment you may see posters or trophies from Yashin’s remarkable career on display.

Net Worth

Lev Yashin has amassed an estimated net worth of over $2 Million during his ice hockey playing career. Not only renowned for his talent but also boasting an enviable business acumen, Lev has made considerable investments across numerous projects that has resulted in significant earnings – all estimated by Forbes magazine as having amassed his fortune through hockey alone.

Over the years, he has garnered many accolades and awards for his efforts, becoming one of the wealthiest Russian players ever.

Yashin last participated in a transaction when he was traded from Ottawa Senators to New York Islanders in 2001 for Zdeno Chara, Bill Muckalt and second overall draft pick in 2001 NHL Entry Draft that the Islanders used to select Jason Spezza.

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